Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gf Soya Sauce - Bragg All Purpose Soy Seasoning

The regular soy sauce ingredients are soybeans wheat, salt and water. It is produced by a very strenuous process of fermentation where the sauce is aged for months. Hence I can't eat it :(

Bragg-All purpose soy seasoning is a gluten free alternative.
It is made up of soybeans and purified water.

Compared to regular soya sauce Bragg all purpose is lighter in color and is less dense. When tried on it's own, it is very salty. When I use it to cook as an alternative to soya sauce I minimize the amount of salt I usually put in those dishes. It adds a good taste of soy.

Note: I mix wasabi and pickled ginger in Bragg all purpose when I eat sushi as it cuts through the salt.

- by MKH

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