Friday, August 19, 2011

Udi's brand bread review

I tried a lot of breads after going gluten free. The first time I saw gluten free bread in an isle of a store I felt relieved. Not knowingly that gluten free bread are rarely like wheat bread. Most that I tried tasted very bland, starchy and when toasted or buttered it always broke like rusk.

Udi's was discovered my husband and I in a nearby store. There were Udi's brand breads and bagels. I bought the whole grain bread. I came home and toasted a slice and without butter. .......

Pleasantly surprised

All the things I felt when I took one bite. It was toasted well. when I bit into it it was lightly crunchy from outsides and soft and stringy from in. When I broke it instead of becoming sand in my hand a piece tore away like wheat bread would.

This bread gets **** out of five stars from me.

- by MKH

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