Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kay's Deli Review-Portobello Mushroom Sandwhich

This is my second restaurant/cafe review for the gluten free eating. I know I should do more of these but i don't eat out that much. Kay's Deli is one my favourite places to eat because i can have gluten free deli sandwhiches. It is on William St. in the midst of a lot of Asian/Vietnamese/Chinease restaurants. It's known for its healthy food, fresh juices and smoothies. I LIKE them for gluten free options like soup of the day with gf bread, Quiche, salads, deli sandwiches with gluten free bread. The atmosphere is very comfortable and and warm. The sun shines in during lunch hour whenever its sunny out :). They have wifi for people who want to work, while they eat. They aslo take orders on the phone and get it ready for you to pick up.

Portobello Mushroom Sandwhich is one delicious sandwhich. It is vegetarian with a slice of provolone, cucumber, red pepper, red onion, grilled portobello, and sundried tomato relish. The sandwhich comes toasted with a pickle and carrots. It is tangy, hearty and filling. Yum :)
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